What's Inside

It's all about how awesome it is to become a Super Sibling! Color images of superhero kids, design their very own superhero emblem, make a "welcome home sign" for baby and more.

24 Pages of Simple Activities

Designed for pre-readers to maximize independent play! Easy and accessible for toddlers (big bold imagery) yet loved by big kids too (fun and relevant content).

Fun Ways to Help

Big siblings see and come up with ways to help with baby. From designing some baby clothes to choosing how they can help parents during naps, feeding and bath time.

Cool Things to Teach

What toys to play with, what songs to sing, what sports to play, what foods to try? Big siblings are the experts!

What Parents Say About Super Sibling

My daughter (6 years old) received this as a gift from our friends when they came to meet our newborn. She was so excited about being able to read it on her own and the activities being comprehensible enough for her developmental age to attempt them on her own as well. The book is printed on white paper with bold print which helps with her attention span and doesn’t make it seem too intimidating for her. The book really encouraged her to be more loving and protective of her new baby sister. It won’t fix all new sibling rivalries, but it does do for a great older sibling gift, especially when the baby is just coming home from the hospital.


I bought this book for my friend who just had her 2nd daughter. They loved it. Fun and sturdy coloring pages. Sweet gift for any kid who is about to be a big sibling.


Our Story

Jessica and Hussein Yahfoufi of Super SIbling

Hi, I’m Jessica. I’m so glad you’re here.

If you’re checking out Super Sibling, you or someone you know is probably getting ready to welcome a new addition to the family. Congratulations!

As a mother, stepmom and big sis to four, you could say I’m familiar with little ones coming along and setting the status quo into a whirlwind. Well, for a short while at least! I’ve found that shining the light on the big kids, making them feel extra important, and showering them with fun attention goes a long way in easing a big transition. My husband (another first born) and I welcomed our older kids into the “Super Sibling club” when we were expecting our youngest. They quickly took up the challenge and surprised us with their excitement, engagement and patience for their baby brother. This little activity book captures the ideas we shared with our kiddos. I hope your children like it a much as ours do.

Thank you for stopping by and best of luck on life’s greatest adventure!


Big Brothers & Big Sisters Rock!

Congratulations to you and your family on the new addition and the promotion!

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