Hi, I’m Jessica. I’m so glad you’re here.

Jessica and Hussein Yahfoufi of Super SIbling

If you’re checking out Super Sibling, you or someone you know is probably getting ready to welcome a new addition to the family. Congratulations!

As a mother, stepmom and big sis to four, you could say I’m familiar with little ones coming along and setting the status quo into a whirlwind. Well, for a short while at least! I’ve found that shining the light on the big kids, making them feel extra important, and showering them with fun attention goes a long way in easing a big transition. My husband (another first born) and I welcomed our older kids into the “Super Sibling club” when we were expecting our youngest. They quickly took up the challenge and surprised us with their excitement, engagement and patience for their baby brother. This little activity book captures the ideas we shared with our kiddos. I hope your children like it a much as ours do.

Thank you for stopping by and best of luck on life’s greatest adventure!


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