Jessica Yahfoufi, author, mom, stepmom

The first time I was pregnant, I read all the books, took all the classes, and listened to all the podcasts about pregnancy and parenthood.

The second time, all that went out the window.

My top concern was making sure my firstborn was ready. I wanted her to feel good about this monumental change, get along with her little brother, and not go into total rebellion about the whole thing. Yep, I wanted to avoid all that drama – and more importantly I wanted to make sure she felt loved, important and special. The second time moms I knew were in the same boat too.

I’m a big sister. My husband is the big brother. We know firsthand how it feels when those sweet new babies arrive – a little curious, a lotta jealous.

Sometimes the big kids need a little extra love and attention to make them feel special when their new sibling arrives. And that may go double for kids in a blended family. All of my Super Sibling books are designed to shine the light full and bright on the new big brothers and sisters because, well, they are kind of a big deal!

I hope you find something here that inspires and celebrates your little ones.

Author, Jessica YahfoufiAll the best,

Jessica Yahfoufi